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BreBreathe Serene

Serene breathes mindfully
through different situations in life
Serene represents our intention to develop the qualities of compassion, wisdom and happiness that seem to be so elusive in our times. As she practices daily she falls short but she remains still and constant in her practice.

Join Serene for daily reminders and encouragement to sustain your daily practice.
100% cotton Fine Art Paper. Archival acid- and lignin-free paper.
300 gsm.

Signed Art Print
8" x 11.5"  
$20 free shipping

Signed Art Prints

Set of 3 - 5" x 7"  
$20 free shipping

Eco-friendly Notecards with premium Kraft envelopes

-Size 4.25" x 5.5"
-Each set includes 12 folded note cards
(2 of each design).
-Cards are blank inside.
-100% recycled smooth, non-glossy paper.
-FSC and Green Seal certified. Acid Free.
-270 g/m2


Send us a message through the contact page to inquire about our:

Multiple Designs available, requests for specific designs will be
considered. Visit instagram    for more designs.

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For art licensing inquiries please send a message through the contact page.

For more of Serene's products visit the following stores by clicking on the links below:

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